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Partner with Phytex

Phytex has a long history of partnering and supplying APIs to global pharmaceutical clients to support their research, development and formulation for both clinical trials and commercial needs.


Phytex has the onsite expertise and capacity for:

  • Proof of concept - Laboratory scale (gram quantities)

  • Extraction, isolation and purification method development and optimisation

  • Scale-up expertise (gram to kilo quantities)

  • Analytical method development and validation

  • Intermediaries and APIs to Pharmacopeia specification

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Finished product APIs

Phytex has a suite of commercially available active pharmaceutical ingredient products with established supply chain partnerships and current regulatory approval with the Australian TGA and U.S. FDA.
View the commercially available products:

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Contract manufacturing

Phytex is available for contract manufacturing for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, veterinary, food and research industries. As experts in extraction and isolation, customers can work with Phytex to outsource stages of drug development through to the drug manufacturing process.
Read more about our extraction and isolation service offering:


Research and development

Phytex’s capacity and batch-specific, manufacture to order approach enables flexibility through the entire product development process.
Phytex specialises in scale-up capacity in a research and development setting under Good Manufacturing Practice conditions. The ability to move from gram to kilo scale quantities without compromise underpins our core value of ‘quality-upscaling, upscaling quality’.
Long-term collaborative partnerships are at the heart of Phytex development capabilities. Building trusted partnerships not only benefits the development journey, but ultimately benefits science, business and human health outcomes.

Commercial partnering and collaboration

Phytex welcomes enquiries from API supplier qualification to application submissions.
Our expert team supports customers through the entire development journey, from critical and technical challenges in product formulation, application process, clinical trials and expansion.
Our customers can rely on Phytex due to our long-standing relationships with Australian sourced raw material suppliers.
Our customer’s success is our success. Phytex is committed to assisting Investigation New Drug Applications, New Drug Applications and Abbreviated New Drug Applications processes to move drugs to market.
Download the Phytex drug development journey brochure:

World class partners

Phytex is proud to have partnered with the following organisations on R&D initiatives

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